The Guide To Animal Bandaging

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Millpledge is pleased to be able to offer our popular Bandage talks, “ The guide to animal bandaging” as we have always done. Due to the current situation, these are now being presented remotely.

The talks are predominantly aimed at student veterinary nurses but, it will give all staff a bit of a refresher.
CPD certificates can be provided when applicable.

The talks are based upon our bandage book and offer an insight into the knowledge behind applying a bandage.

During the talks, we will cover the following areas:

  • Why a bandage may be needed.
  • What type of bandage you can apply to achieve your goal.
  • The large variety of products available.
  • How to choose the product best suited for the bandage you're applying.
  • The best way to apply products and examine the golden rules so your efforts are maximising your patients healing potential.

These sessions are available to all colleges teaching veterinary nurse students of all levels. As we are presenting the talks remotely, there is no limit to the number of attendees.

The talks are free of charge and are roughly an hour long. You will also have the opportunity for Q and A, both during and after the presentation.

You will receive sample materials after the talks to allow your students to practice bandaging in their own time.

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