Millpledge Companion Document

The aim of the Millpledge Companion is to provide practical advice, insight, guidance, interesting stories and general updates for fellow veterinary professionals and students.

Topics could include, but not limited to:

  • Practical advice
  • Success stories
  • Humorous anecdotes
  • Volunteering updates
  • Career advice
  • Top tips: especially if referencing one of our products.

Style Guide

The style guide is here to help you write your article; good English is preferred but all articles will be proofread prior to publication.

  • Word count should be 300 for a half-page, 600 for a single page spread and 1,200 for a double page.
  • The simpler the English the better.
  • For Acronyms and abbreviations, please write these in full the first time they are used; thereafter the abbreviation may be used.
  • Use UK English e.g. …ise endings instead of …ize.
  • Remember to use Capital letters where appropriate, such as a person, their job title, or if you are writing about specific organisations, a specific practice, a specific topic, or a specific product.
  • Always use Harvard referencing, where applicable.
  • Include photographs if you can.

Please note, the final version may be amended to suit our house style and tone of voice, but you will of course have approval prior to publication.

Submitting your article

Once you are happy with your article, please send it using the form below.

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