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If you've always wanted to share a great story, divulge a handy tip or pass on some words of wisdom with others in the veterinary profession we can help.

We are looking for articles to publish both online and in our Millpledge Companion mailer that is sent out to veterinary practices across the UK. Articles could be anything from 300 to 1200 words but submissions must be relevant to the animal healthcare industry. They can vary from practical advice to light-hearted stories.

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I'm not a professional writer

That's fine, we're not looking for professionally written pieces; this is an opportunity for everyone to share something with others. You don't have to worry about your spelling or grammar, as our editorial team will check each article, and if any changes are required we will send it back for your approval before publication.

We have set out a few guidelines which you need to follow but do give us a call if you need further advice. Click the above button to view the guide.

So, if you have news on your volunteering or charity experiences, have a success story that you'd love to tell, or even some advice on how to make a career in the veterinary profession, we'd love to hear from you.

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What do I get?

That's a fair question. We don't expect you to write for free.
All submissions will be considered although it may take some time before yours is used. Successful articles will receive an Amazon e-voucher. Remuneration is broken down as follows:

  • Top Tip – £10 Amazon voucher
  • Quarter page editorial – £25 Amazon voucher
  • Half page editorial – £50 Amazon voucher
  • Full page editorial – £75 Amazon voucher
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La tranquillité d’esprit pour les professionnels de la médecine vétérinaire

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